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Posted by djbloveit on February 22, 2017

black man in a white world

so, i have been dying to share this video on my “i hate the radio” blog.  so, what better time than at the cusp of Black History month.  the song is Black Man in a White World by Michael Kiwanuka.  this video is so beautiful, simple, yet powerful.  i literally watched it 3 times back

Posted by KeishaB on February 22, 2017

Have you seen the size of human brains…they’re hilarious

I love Doctor Who. I really do. The above is  a quote from the 11th Doctor in reference to Clara Oswald. I chose that line because that is how I feel about life right now. I don’t know about anybody else, but I’m really struggling right now. School and work are kicking my butt and

Posted by DDTurnerSpeaks on February 8, 2017


I’ve asked more times than not why people think we can choose happiness. And more times than not, the answer is “because you can”. Well I still can’t. And probably won’t but there’s hope. Because I do believe that while you can’t choose happiness you can make adjustments in your life and choose things that

Posted by Step-It-Up on February 8, 2017

Alternative Facts, Let’s Cut The Shit

Alternative Fact (AF): I am happy Trump is a President AF: Beepers are better then smart phones AF: Walmart and Target are the same as 7-11 AF: Better than Sex Cake is actually better than Sex (please get your life off of life support) AF: Friends will always be True. “It ain’t nothing to cut

Posted by djbloveit on February 8, 2017

Mary… #ShePersisted

now, i definitely loves Mary J. Blige.  but let’s be honest, not only is she the Queen of R&B but she will always be the Queen of sampling too.  #ShePersisted in covering some of the greats. let’s check it out. i’m going down – Rose Royce, 1979 sweet thing – Rufus, 1975 misty blue… now this