the alternative cover

March 8, 2017 djbloveit No comments exist

this post is about the verses.  well, actually the versus.  the arena is alternative covers.  the contenders are Alien Ant Farm – smooth criminal vs. Korn – word up.

back in the day i was not a fan of covers because folks cover a great song & try to make it  sound different when it was just fine the way it was.  covers are usually for new/unknown artists to show their talents.  but honestly, i am open to liking covers, i’ve grown. 🙂

in case you were wondering, they are both winners for me.  Alien Ant Farm did a fantastic job of matching Michael Jackson’s action packed style.  i also give them points for creativity.

Korn chose a unique song to cover.  i imagined Jonathan Davis’ favorite Uncle used to play Cameo records and jam the shiz out of them.  Korn gets points for song selection & musicianship.  who do you pick? #ihtrBlog


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